Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Phabulous Phone

Cell phones: they allow people to get hold of someone twenty-four seven wherever they may be. We can see phone use through the subjectivist lens because it is a combination of the author's intention and the reader's or listener's interpretation. For example, it is very popular among teenagers to text. With texting has come a new form of language. For example, anyone who texts has come to find themselves using, "ttyl" or "talk to you later" and "rotfl" or "rolling on the floor laughing." Yet, these acronyms can be misinterpreted and this is how the subjectivist lens comes into play.

We have seen this new language of texters come into play in advertisements as well. In a popular cell phone commercial, a mother is questioning why the cell phone bill is so high and why her daughter is texting so much. The daughter replies with texter language such as "OMG, INBD" or "oh my god, its no big deal" and "TISNF" or "this is so not fair." The commerical uses language teenagers can relate to and problems with cell phone usage that parents can also relate to, in order to market their new unlimited texting for only five dollars more a month.

Cell phones can also be viewed as an extension of ourselves because of the features they hold such as a camera, notepad, calender, and video. With all of these features, someone could easily learn about a person by looking at their phone. For example, if someone was to look at a cell phone and find a calender filled with activities and a full phone calling record, they would assume that the person is both incredibly busy as well as organized. Meanwhile, if a mother happened upon her son's/daughter's phone and found pictures and/or videos that aren't appropriate, they would question what their child is really up to and who he/she is hanging out with.

A cell phone is one of the most popular devices today. They can hold our music, pictures, video, calender, notes, contacts, messages, and some even have internet capabilities as well as Microsoft Office. A cell phone has become an important record of our past, present, and future.

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