Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Craving a Conclusion?

What do we get from all of these lenses? How do the items we carry make us who we are?

For starters, the items that we carry throughout our lives affect how we view the world as well as how others view us. This is where the lenses come in. A lens is a way to look at the world and we have looked at the things we carried with many different lenses such as the historical lens, Freudian lens, and a slew of others. For example, who would have thought that our very own iPods could relate to the archetypal critism lens?

Yet what is the commonality between all of these lenses and objects?

The commonality is that the smallest tangible items do not necessarily define us, but build upon our person. Our personalities, our individuality, our outlook on life, all of the things we carry with us are a part of us. They make us the people we are. Our society also has a lot to do with the things that teens carry. As the demand for the newest and best things, teens are the first people they target, and for good reasons.

The things we carry are what make us different and what also bring us together. Our differences are what make us unique and establish our individuality where as our similarities allow us to relate and build relationships with others.

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