Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Notable Names

So, we didn't exactly find our names in our pockets, but they are significant to us in more ways than we know. Our parents name us after themselves or after our grandparents and sometimes they even name us after celebrities in their favorite soup operas, but despite the historical, cultural, and parental intentions behind our names, they eventually come to have their own meaning. For example, the chances of me finding someone else with my name are very small; however, Melissa and Nicole must come upon many different times where they find their name also being used by someone else. Because my name is not so commonly used, I don't have to worry about being confused with someone else and I don't have to worry about trying to fill someone else's shoes just because I'm named after them. However, Melissa and Nicole have an advantage as well because under the Formalism lens, the given subject is analyzed or read closely and intrepreted or evaluated based on inherent features. So, if you happen to be shopping at the supermarket and you find that the gentleman reloading the shelves has the same exact name as you do, don't sweat it. Formalists don't evaluate you based on historical or cultural content. You are your own person. Your name will be looked at differently and you won't be compared to others. In the end, just be thankful that people don't mispronounce your name everytime they try to say it.

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