Wednesday, May 20, 2009


Death is a word that most are uncomfortable with thinking about, never mind talking about. Yet, it is the sole thing that is sure to leave a mark in our lives. By now, we have all experienced death in one way or another whether it be someone close or distant. One way to look at death is through the Freudian lens. Freud believed in death instincts or thanatos. Freud believed that people had an unconscious desire to die but that this desire is largely impaired by life instincts. While some may disagree with this approach to death, it is a lens to consider.

We could also consider the viewpoints of someone who has experienced death and who has not. For those who have not experienced it, the first death one encounters can be very traumatic especially if it someone very close to them. This may cause a range of emotions such as shock and fear for the others around them.

When someone has experienced the death of close friends or of family members, the feelings and trauma of it all, can have a lasting and changing impression upon them. Personally, death has afflicted my life more then I care to think of and it has had a strong impact. I believe I have become numb to the feelings usually associated with death. However cynical it may be, my family has come to cope with all of the loss with humor.

Death is an event that we all will face at one point in our lives or another. No matter when it happens, how it happens, or who it happens to, it makes a lasting impression in our lives.

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