Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Gorgeous Glasses

Unfortunately, we were born with less than perfect eyesight, but finding ways to correct the imperfections make it all worth while. So, we eventually end up loving those frames that end up taking over our faces. It's no big deal; we've found great styles that suit us really well. "Carrying" around our glasses isn't exactly a hassle anymore because it's become a necessity and because they've grown on us. This relates to the reader response lens which states that the focus is more on the reader's intrepretation which becomes a critcism that is based on their own perspectives and bias. Gorgeous Glasses is definitely more relatable through the reader response lens because we all have our own opinions of what looks best on our faces, what trends we'd like to follow when it comes to our faces, and what image we want to promote of ourselves. When it comes down to it, we've come around to wearing a certain pair of glasses because we've developed our own perspective and bias towards them whether it be because everyone else is wearing them and we just want to fit in or because we think they suit us best over all the others.

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