Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Kenspeckle Keys

Kenspeckle means easily recognized and when I think about my keys, they are easily recognizable to me. Each one has a different significance and with each key comes unique responsibilities and unforgettable memories. Keys, as shown in the picture, hold heaps of historical meaning thus relating to the historical lens. For example, everytime I pick up my car keys, I'm filled with memories of long, hot summer drives or even of quick ones to convenient stores. The point is, those keys will always be floating around in my pockets. I may end up forgetting what key belongs to what, but that just relates to the memories the keys themselves hold. Each one symbolizes different memories that just can't be forgotten because keys serve as reminders. My kenspeckle keys don't weigh very much in my pocket, but the memories, thoughts, and ideas that follow alongside them sometimes make for a heavy load.

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