Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Perfect Pooch

From dogs to cats, and from fish to reptiles, pets come in many different shapes, sizes, and species, but they all hold a special meaning to the owner. Some pets come with stories, others are gifts. For example, my aunt loves cats, I think if she could she would have a house filled with cats. Her cats though have their own backgrounds, each different, but they have something all in common: they were strays. My aunt's last endeavor was nursing a couple weeks old kitten back to health which her husband had found in the street. Today, the cat is as healthy as any cat could be. My special pet is my dog, Bailey, who is a Labradoodle. A what you ask? Well he is part Labrador and part standard Poodle which makes him hypoallergenic since my mom is allergic. Ever since I was young, I have always wanted a dog and I would beg and beg with no success. Then in 6th grade, my mom had to have surgery to have her thyroid cancer removed and it was very risky since it would be the second time they were going in. Since my mom was in the hospital, I went to researching dogs and found a labradoodle which I instantly fell in love with. Yet, when I started to contact breeders in our area I found a bigger problem: price. Labradoodles in the Northeast cost $2,500 and no way were my parents going to spend that much. I showed it to my mom anyway and her only comment was "Find me a cheaper one." Leaving I felt enthralled, "I could have a puppy!" I thought to myself. I spent 12 hours the next day researching and found Bailey in Arkansas. I then went onto Petco's website and priced out everything the dog would need writing out a detailed list for my mom and she said finally said "Yes." In the end, I have my dog and my mom which is better than anything I could have ever wanted.

So, how can pets be looked at through various lenses? For starters, we can look at the type of pet someone owns. A cat is a creature that in general needs little attention compared to a dog. For instance, a dog needs to be taken outside periodically to run and use bathroom. Meanwhile, cats sometimes prefer to be indoors and end up remaining indoors all day. Thus, a person with a cat can be seen as someone who wants the company of a pet, but is to busy to have a more needy animal such as a dog.

You can also tell a lot about someone's personality by the interaction between owner and pet. If the owner is very stern with, let's say, his dog, then the owner is most likely a very strict person, in general. The other extreme of this, is the owner who lets their pet run a muck and do whatever it pleases. This owner is looked at to be very laid back and in certain cases, neglectful of the pets safety.

Whether your pet is furry or scaly, large or small, friendly or shy, they'll always hold a special place in your heart.

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