Tuesday, May 19, 2009

iPod infusion

The iPod.
Its changed life as we know it, but in our eyes, it has come to hold slightly different meanings that aren't quite apparent. Whether it be a silver, white, or black iPod, we've found that the small devices truly represent who we are as people. This is so because we all have different songs, albums, artists and pictures on them, of course. You will never find an exact replica of your iPod, but many of us have found that the artists and albums we have come to favorite help us draw connections to other people who have similar interests. This may be a stretch, but I believe the idea of an iPod closely follows the archetypal critism lens. This lens is based on the human population having a collection of inherited themes and images that everyone seems to have or be able to relate to. Although we know that not one iPod is the same as another, we all have similar songs that carry all the same themes with lyrics that run universal. The music sinks in pretty deep, literally speaking a thousand words...or even more depending on how many songs we own. Over time, we've developed a somewhat huge addiction to these little jukeboxes of love that we don't wish to leave home without.

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