Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Essential Education

Education is an essential part of surviving in the world today. What we learn in school, with our friends, at home, at our jobs and in our surroundings assists in estblishing our values and the people we are. We are molded by the things we learn and the people we are surrounded by. Our education, whether it be the knowledge we obtain through books in a classroom or through lessons learned through life experiences, we carry that knowledge with us in our daily lives.
To look at education through an objectivists perspective, they would say that one's education was strictly based upon the knowledge they portray through testing. They would see it as what the person knows and what they don't know by the results the the person shows on a test.
Our knowledge is something we carry with us and use every second of our day. It is something to be proud of and people strive to portray their knowledge through their classes, schools, and decisions.

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